ADULTS-2013       TEENS (Grade 6 and above)   
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Keep track of the amount of time you spend reading between June 8 and August 3. Record the hours in your guide, or log in here and enter them. Audiobooks, comics, and magazines count, too!

After reading 6 hours, you can pick up a prize at the Library. After 12 hours, you get a free book. Keep reading, and for every additional 12 hours you read, you will be entered into our Grand Prize drawings.

Note: This program is for grades 6 - 12.
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This Dark Endeavor
Kenneth Oppel
This Dark Endeavor is the story of Victor Frankenstein and how he became who he is in the classic story Frankenstein. Lots of action and adventure in this book. Kenneth Oppel did a splendid job writing this book and I highly suggest to bot boys and girls.   Reserve It